Dance Classes Rates and Plans At the Dance Factory dance studio, we love surprises when it comes to presents but we sure don't like surprise costs that pop up unexpectedly. We're sure you feel the same way, that's why we like to disclose all fees up front. You’ll find our rates are very fair and competitive and we feel the best value you'll find anywhere around Vestavia and the Birmingham area. Dance Classes: Tuition is based on an annual fee which is paid in 10 monthly payments. The fee is based on the number of classes per week that is taken by the student. Each class is guaranted to meet a minimum of 35 times during the school year. Should any one class meet less than 35 times due to weather, etc., a make up class will be provided. Registration Fee $20.00 - For 1 member in a family $25.00 - For more than 1 member Registration fee is non-refundable. Tuition payments are due on the first class of every month beginning in August. After the 10th of the month a late fee of $20 will be added to your account. Please put your child’s full name and month your are paying for so it will properly be applied to your account. Returned checks for insufficient funds will carry a $30.00 service charge. 1 hour per week - $65.00 per month 2 hour per week - $72.00 3 hour per week - $79.00 4 hour per week - $86.00 5 hour per week - $93.00 6 hour per week - $100.00 A second child in the immediate family will receive a 20% discount. A third third member is free and fourth is half price. The mother of a student is also half price. Costumes and Recital Fee Our Annual Recital will be held May 15 2021 at Mountain Brook High School. Costume prices will be $60.00 for Child sizes and $65.00 for Large Child and Adult. There is a Recital Fee, which is due by February 1st . One child in a family is $55.00 and two or more children in a family is $60.00 All costumes must be paid for by October 31st If costumes are not paid in full then the costume will not be ordered. (Costume companies require pre payment to secure delivery dates and lower costume prices to the students.) Costumes may be paid for in three (3) payments August 13th/September 1st/October 1st Child size costume - $60.00 Adult and large child size costume - $65.00 Recital fee due on February 1 $55.00 for 1 Child $60.00 for more than 1 child